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Offering a great variety of courses for the beginner all the way to advanced certification degrees.

**PLEASE NOTE: Private classes available for additional charge. For all certifications beyond Open Water Diver level, students must rent or own their equipment. We are happy to advise and help in the selection of equipment.**






  • Discover Scuba Diving: $100 + equipment rental. An introduction to the safe use of diving equipment under water. If you like it and wish to go further, you can apply this credit toward your next certification.
  • ScubaDiver: $310 (includes equipment rental and manual) Dive under the supervision of a professional. May be used toward Open Water Diver certification.
  • Open Water Diver: $500 (includes equipment rental and manual) The entry level certification necessary to dive without professional supervision.
  • Open Water Referral Dives: $200. For those who have successfully completed pool and classroom training, but haven’t done their open water training.
  • Adventure Diver: $175 + manual. Broaden your skills. Choose from Altitude, Peak Bouyancy, Search and Recovery, Navigation, Night, Wreck, and Deep Diver. Can be done in one or two days. May be applied toward Advanced Open Water Certification.
  • Advanced Open Water Diver: $275 + manual. A necessary certification for going on dives in many resorts throughout the world. Requires Navigation and Deep dives, and three of the other offered Adventure Dives. Can be done in two days.
  • Rescue Diver: $350 + manual. Learn to monitor wind, waves, currents, temperature, and people in order to prevent accidents; and learn the skills to use if an emergency occurs.
  • DiveMaster: $625 + manuals. Enter the professional ranks. Earn money conducting dives, teaching some courses, assisting at courses.
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy: $125 + manual. Perfect your buoyancy. One of the most important skills a diver can learn.
  • Nitrox: $150 + manual. At certain depths, you can substantially and safely extend your bottom time by breathing air enriched with up to 40% oxygen.
  • Underwater Navigator: $225 + manual. (Includes 3 dives). A must-have course if you wish to become a Master Scuba Diver, and if you simply wish to conduct your own dives.
  • Night Diver: $200 + manual. (Includes 3 dives). A whole new world magically opens up as the reef takes on a new life at night.
  • Deep Diver: $250 + manual. (Includes 4 dives over 2 days). Much of what you'll want to see lies deeper than 60 feet. Learn how to safely dive to depths up to 130 feet. You must be at least a PADI Adventure Diver or equivalent. Another must-have course en route to Master Scuba Diver.
  • Wreck Diver: $250 + manual. (Includes 4 dives over 2 days). For many, SCUBA diving means exploring wrecks--planes, trains, boats, anything that has plunged to a watery grave. You must be at least a PADI Adventure Diver or equivalent.
  • Emergency Oxygen Provider: $75. Learn how to administer the standard therapy for SCUBA related injuries. ($40 if taken with CPR/!st Aid/AED)
  • Scuba Review: $100 + pool or open water fees. For certified divers who wish to renew their skills when they feel they’ve been away too long. One evening is all it takes.
  • Altitude Diver: $125. (Includes 2 dives). Needed for any dives at or above 1,000 feet elevation where you will find many lakes and ponds, and their freshwater aquatic life.
  • Dry Suit Diver: $220 + manual. (Includes 1 pool + 2 open-water dives). Stay warm! Extend your diving season when air or water temperatures become too cool for your comfort. Must rent, borrow, or own a dry suit.
  • Search and Recovery Diver: $250 + manual. (Includes 4 dives). From bracelets to rowboats, things sometimes sink out of sight. Learn how to find and retrieve them. PRE-REQ: Must have Underwater Navigator or Advanced Open Water certification to qualify.


  • Snorkeling: $50.
  • Skin Diver: $100. A certification course.


  • All Materials Are Included In These Courses
  • CPR: $80
  • First Aid: $60
  • AED: $50
  • CPR/First Aid/AED: $125
  • EFR for Children: $50 (if included with CPR/First Aid/AED total for all 4 is: $150)